Organizing a Group Purchase Sucks. EnvyRate makes it easy.

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Group Purchases that Don't Suck

Group purchases eat up your time. Dealing with payments, linking real names to screen names, collecting mis-typed shipping addresses and forgotten options all eat into your life (yea, we ran a few gp's ourselves). Envyrate handles all the annoying stuff so you can focus on customer service and production. Happy vendors make happy customers.

Easy Payment Tracking

Easily and safely accept credit cards. Any time. Picture this: you're at the ice cream shop with the kids, living it up. Each time someone buys into your GP, your phone "Cha-Chings". You're making money when you're not even working, and that's awesome. Might as well order 2 scoops and sprinkles.

Ultra Fast Purchases

Your buyers don't need to waste time setting up an account to buy. Click buy, enter billing info, done. It's the fastest, cleanest purchase possible.

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